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Family Nurse Practitioner

We offer multiple
Medical Weight Loss & Hormone options.

Now offering

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MIC-$20; B12-$20; MIC/B12-$30 Self-Pay-not covered under insurance

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Also known as Lipotropic Injections

Methione:   an amino acid that prevents fat build-up and removes it from the liver. As an antioxidant it helps eliminate heavy metals from the body and aids in relieving fatigue.

Inositol:   a nutrient that helps regulate insulin and hormone levels. Also assists in breaking down fats and redistributing them throughout the body. At the same time it reduces bad cholesterol; provides a calming affect and improves sleep and depression.

Choline a nutrient that speeds up your metabolism , helps burn fat , promotes weight loss and liver health

Vitamin B12 helps maintain health nerve cells and boosts energy.  As a lipotropic it helps break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins

As with most of these types of agent these statements

 have not been approved by the FDA.


Sick Visits

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Accepting Weight Loss & Hormone patients only at this time.

     Important Announcement

Teresa is an experienced Family Nurse Practitioner who has a wide variety of experience. She would like to focus on optimizing hormones and helping people achieve their weight loss goals.

She will discuss their primary care on a case-to-case basis.

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